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Subscription Closed

Our curriculum subscription is closed for this year. You may purchase the full year in our shop HERE. Or join our mailing list to be notified when we open subscriptions up next year.

How it works

The world is full of wonder and enchantment. Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to introduce your child to timeless stories, influential figures, and profound ideas that have shaped our world. Experience the magic of learning through an engaging and thought-provoking journey like no other.

Key Features:

  • Living Books: Immerse your child in the world of classic literature, narrative history and science books that go beyond mere facts. Our curriculum features carefully selected living books that ignite imagination, creating a sense of wonder and fostering an appreciation for our rich cultural heritage

  • Easy to Use: Our curriculum is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Each week's worth of materials is conveniently printed in one packet, making it easy to share the teaching load between parents, grandparents, or other caregivers. Simply download the materials and embark on a learning adventure—no extensive preparation required.

  • Thoughtfully Planned Lessons: Say goodbye to curriculum planning stress. Our carefully designed lessons cover language arts, grammar, poetry, picture study, history, science, and math facts practice, providing a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience for your child.

  • Flexible Four-Day Week Schedule: Our 36 week curriculum follows a four-day week schedule, allowing flexibility and providing ample time for your child to pursue other interests or engage in extracurricular activities. It's a balanced approach that accommodates your family's unique needs.

  • Google Classroom: Access our curriculum packets and discover additional helpful resources through the user-friendly Google Classroom platform. The curriculum packets are loaded into the classroom four weeks at a time, beginning on August 20th, providing a structured learning path.

Supplementary Resources:

  • Recommended Literature: Expand your child's reading horizons with our handpicked collection of the best literature books and read aloud selections from various genres and eras.

  • Audio Versions: Whenever available we offer audio versions of recommended literature further stimulating listening skills and comprehension. These audio versions can be particularly helpful for children with dyslexia or reading difficulties, enabling them to engage with the content in an alternative format.

  • Math Curriculum Recommendations:  Our curriculum includes math practice activities to reinforce key concepts and skills. However, please note that it does not provide a full math curriculum. We recommend supplementing our curriculum with a dedicated math curriculum of your choice to ensure a comprehensive math education. 

Enroll today and give your child the gift of an immersive education through the captivating world of living books!

REGISTER FOR 2023/2024

Two Ways to Purchase


Per Student Per Month

9-Month Subscription: With our 9-month subscription plan, you gain access to our comprehensive curriculum for the duration of the academic year. The subscription is conveniently handled through PayPal and includes 36 weekly guided learning packets delivered digitally. Consumers may cancel at anytime after the first month. If a consumer wishes to cancel their subscription early, it is their responsibility to cancel their subscription through Paypal. As it is a digital product, no refunds will be given on subscription payments already processed.

Registration for subscriptions is open June 15th-August 15th for the 2023-24 School Year. Once registration is closed you may still purchase a Curriculum Kit through our shop.

Subscription includes access to our digital curriculum only and does not include our Phonics Readers or Read Aloud/Literature selections. 


Read Aloud/Literature selections are available to buy from our shop HERE or may be checked out from the library or purchased separately. To see a list of selections for each grade click HERE.

Curriculum Kit

One-Time Curriculum Kit Purchase: If you prefer a one-time purchase option, our curriculum kit is the perfect choice. Available for direct purchase through our shop, this option provides you with access to our curriculum for the same duration as the subscription plan. Just like the subscription, you will receive your digital downloads in the Google Classroom platform, ensuring easy organization and accessibility. Additionally, with a curriculum kit purchase, you have the option to add the recommended literature books and phonics readers for each grade to further enhance your child's learning experience.

No matter which purchasing option you choose, you will have access to our digital curriculum materials through Google Classroom, making it convenient for you to navigate and utilize the resources.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us below.

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