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These beginning readers are especially designed so children can practice using phonograms they have learned. Can be used with Spalding, Saxon Phonics, Literacy Essentials, Riggs and other Orton Gilliham phonics programs. They also use traditional idioms and words to aid in building vocabulary for the classical student. Suggested use for 1st grade. 10 Readers included.


Plum Set No. 51-60 

Concepts covered: Review of phonograms QU, EE, TH, Silent E, SH, AR, CK, OR, OO, WH, ER, IR, UR, WOR, EAR, OW, OU, OA, OE, AY, AI, OY, OI, EA, AW, AU, ED, CH, NG.

Introduction of phonograms: TCH, UI, EIGH, EY, EI.

Readers in Rhyme No. 51-60 Plum Set

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