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Subscription-How it works

9 Month Subscription


Per Student Per Month

Valid for 9 months

Subscription includes 36 weekly guided learning packets. Subscription may be terminated at any time after first full month. It is the responsibility of the consumer to cancel their subscription through Paypal. As it is a digital product, no refunds will be given on subscription payments already processed.



1. Paypal Subscription

Choose the number of children you would like packets for. You will be charged monthly beginning on the day of the month you sign up for the subscription and that date every month until your subscription is completed for a total of nine monthly payments.

2. Complete Registration

Fill out the registration form by clicking the button below. This helps us know which packets you need for your child/children.


You will receive a text confirmation of your registration. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us below.

Contact Us

Thank you!

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