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What is a guided learning packet?

Our guided learning packets contain the best selections from living books and the assignments all in one place. Just Print and go. No planning required. 

What does your curriculum include?

Our curriculum includes instruction and assignments for the core subjects of language arts, grammar, history, literature, and science. 

What should we do for math?

Our packets include math skills practice. We recommend Right Start Math or Math-U-See for full math curriculums.

I'm new to homeschooling what is required by law?

Every state has different requirements. Some states require you to meet with a teacher to give examples of your child's work. A good place to start is to google "homeschool laws" in your state.

We are based in Texas and homeschools are considered private schools.

How can I get my curriculum free?

If you are in California or another state that provides funds for homeschooling through a charter school you can receive our curriculum free to you. Each district is a bit different in how they manage their program. Contact us if you would like help in purchasing our curriculum through a charter school.

Do I have to subscribe or can I pay for the year?

Yes, you absolutely can pay for the whole year at once. Subscriptions are open for registration on June 1st and close on August 31st. Subscription payment plans do not start until August. After registration is closed for the year, packets will only be available as a one time yearly purchase.
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