Frequently Asked Questions

Are answer keys provided?

Answers keys are provided for all math levels. Answers are provided for Latin and for particular lessons in various subjects in 5th-8th grades

How often are assignments provided?

Your Guided Learning Packet is uploaded weekly to your Google Classroom and can be downloaded and printed from your computer, phone or ipad. 

I am using a different math,

history or science curriculum etc. 

Can I still use your program?

Yes! We made this program affordable enough that you can easily substitute your own curriculum choice in a subject and still benefit.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You are not bound to a contract and may cancel your subscription any time after the first month. We do not refund any subscription payments already made. 

What do I need to purchase besides

my subscription?

We recommend you purchase the Math-U-See manipulatives and the Literature or Read Aloud books.

Will you be adding grades in the future?

We plan on adding 8th grade for the 2022-23 school year.

What is a guided learning packet?

Our guided learning packet contains all of your curriculum in one place. It includes links to your online math instruction portal with Math-U-See and links to audiobooks and links for Latin pronunciation guide (7th-8th) 

What does your curriculum include?

Our curriculum includes instruction and assignments for the core subjects of *math, grammar, history, literature, science and Latin (7th-8th)

*Math curriculum is licensed from Math-U-See

© Copyright 2021 Math-U-See, Inc. All other curriculum is © Copyright 2021 Classical School Solutions, LLC