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 Classical School Solutions creates simple to follow academic plans and resources for parents who want to provide their kids with the best of both classical and modern education. 


We are parents and educators who have decided to change the way we approach our children’s education. During the quarantine of 2020, we had the time to discuss what we like and don’t like about how our children are educated. The pause provided us with the time away from the day-to-day bustle of school to think about what we truly wanted for our children. We desired to keep teaching our children at home, but knew we had  to organize it to be as simple and streamlined as possible. 


There were two main conclusions that arose out of our discussions: 

1. Having our children at home, while deeply challenging in many ways, was an overall very good experience that we wanted to continue 


2. Our academic priorities for our children were centered in the idea of mastery and depth of knowledge. We felt that our kids needed to slow the pace of what they learned in order to have a deeper grasp of foundational skills and concepts. 


We want to give parents what we ourselves want - a simple-to-follow academic plan using great texts and principles of Classical learning that focuses on building a strong foundation for our elementary and middle school students.

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